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These are estimates only, contact us for an accurate quote. 

Tournament: A  base color, and 2-4 base coat colors (with a wash for metalics). No highlighting. Brings the model up to tournament standard to be able to play quickly. Can be sent back at a later date for additional detailing work - contact for a quote. 

Tabletop: A base coat, 2-4 base colors, highlighting, some detail work (eyes, accessories, etc). May include washes as appropriate to the model.   

Detailed: A base coat and highlights. May include weathering, blending, and fine detail work depending on the needs of the model. This is a great choice if you want your models to stand apart even from a distance. 

Base 1: Very simple base using only one basing material. Can be grass, sand, snow, etc.     


Base 2: 2-3 types of basing material. Simple painting.     

Base 3: Minimum of 3 types of basing materials. May include extensive detail painting and custom pieces. 

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